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Documentary Requirements for clearance of aircraft

Entry and Departure Of Aircraft into Or From Yaser Arafat International Airport

Private Flights

Public Health Measures applied to aircraft

Aircraft MTOW

Fees and Charges for using GIA


Available Fuel at Yaser Arafat International Airport


Yaser Arafat International Airport

Operational Manual


A – Entry and Departure Of Aircraft into Or From Yaser Arafat International Airport               Top

  1. Scheduled Flights

1.1 General

For regular international scheduled flights operated by foreign Airlines into Yaser Arafat International Airport, the following requirements must be met.

a) The state to which the airline belong must be a party to the international Air Services Transit Agreement and – or the International Air Transport Agreement.

b) The airline operations should be eligible to make fligt under the provisions of a bilateral or multilateral agreements to which the state of the airline and the state of registry are contracting parties and must have a permit to operate into Yaser Arafat International Airport

Applications for such permits shall be submitted to :

Director General of Civil Aviation

P.O.Box : 4043

Telefax : 2827844-2827834 or 2821309


1.2 Documentary Requirements for clearance of aircraft .                            Top

      It is necessary that the undermentioned aircraft documents be submitted by airline operators for clearance on entry and departure of their aircraft to and from Yaser Arafat International Airport, All documents listed below must follow the ICAO standard format as set forth in the relevant appendices to Annex 9 and are acceptable when furnished in Arabic or English .

      Documents must be signed either by the pilot in command of the aircraft or his officially recognized.

      Aircraft Documents Required ( arrival – departure )

      Required by

      General Declaration

      Passenger Manifest

      Cargo Manifest









      Air field Operations 2




1.3 Public Health Measures applied to aircraft .                                                 Top

No public health measures are required to be carried out in respect to aircraft entering Yaser Arafat International Airport unless the aircraft arrives from another country, which has been notified as an infected area. The Yaser Arafat Airport Administration reserves the right to disinfect every aircraft coming from an area of yellow fever infections .

1-Non – Scheduled Flights :

2-1 If an operator intends to perform a series of non – scheduled flights (s) into Yaser Arafat International Airport for the purpose of taking on or discharging passengers, cargo or mail , he shall apply to the :

Director General of Civil Aviation

P.O. Box : 4043

Telefax : 2827844 - 2827834 or 2821309

Gaza .


2.2 Public Health measure applied to aircraft same requirements for scheduled flights .

2 -Private Flights                                                       Top

2.1 Advance Notification of arrival aircraft wishing to perform private flights to Yaser Arafat International Airport are required to submit an application to obtain prior permission 72 hours in advance stating clearly the data mentioned in para 2.1

An Operator intending to carry out a single flight, or a series of non – Scheduled (charter) flights for the purpose of taking on or discharging passengers, cargo and mail, shall apply to the following :

Director General of Civil Aviation

P . O . box : 4043

Telex :  2827844 - 2827834 or 2821309

The application must be submitted to the above address at least 7 days , prior to the planned date of the flight , or at least 72 hours in case of emergency .


Name of Airline : --------------------------------

Aircraft Nationality :-----------------------------

Aircraft Type    : ----------------------------------

Aircraft Registration : ---------------------------

Number of Crew : --------------------------------


Flight Number : -----------------------------------

Arrival From : ----------------------------Airport

Date of arrival : ------------------------------------

Arrival Time (Gaza Local) : ---------------------

Number of Passengers : ------------------------

Load on board : -----------------------------------


Flight Number : -----------------------------------

Departure to : ----------------------------- Airport

Departure Date : ----------------------------------

Departure Time (Gaza Local): -----------------

Number of Passengers : ------------------------

Load on Board :-----------------------------------



Fees and Charges for using

Yaser Arafat International Airport


These regulations are called the Palestinian Civil Aviation Regulations and will be implemented with effect 1-3-2000 and until further notice.


Landing, Parking, Mooring, Navigational Aid Services and Airport Facilitation Services Charges are chargeable by U.S.D.

The aircraft operations have the option to settle the payment of their fees in U.S.D or the equivalem  price of the Dollar in local currency  in accordance with the announced  price in the free market of the day witch the fees are due for payment.


Night is defined as the period between 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise .


Landing is Parking, Mooring and Air Navigation facility charges are determined on the basis of airworthiness. In case of not submitting the particulars of the certificate of airworthiness within the specified period determined by Civil Aviation Authority, charges will be obtained according to the maximum take-off weight of the type of aircraft.


All charges for use of the aerodrome are payable by the airline representative or the pilot in command before the aircraft departure from the aerodrome.


He Civil Aviation collects the following charges for the following services:

a)      The use of the airport or port off.

b)      The use of the airport Navigation services.

c)      Night Surcharge.

d)      Airport services and facilities.


Fees and charges for using Yaser Arafat International Airport as shown hereunder will be paid by aircraft operator and or the pilot in command before departure unless prior arrangement for monthly installments has been approved by the chairman of the Palestinian civil aviation authority.

1-     Landing charges:

a)      the landing charges will be calculated on the maximum take – off weight of aircraft . the MTOW is based on information supplied by the aircraft owner or operator who must submit officially approved documents such as certificate of airworthiness . the charge will be USD 8.00 for each 1000 kgs or part thereof of the MTOW.

b)      50% of landing mooring  / parking fees will be charged of the following:

1-     Domestic air transport flights.

2-     Commercial helicopters.

3-     Charter flights carrying groups of tourists to Palestinian airport

 2-     Navigation aids facility charges

100 USD will be charged for using the airport navigational aids by landing aircrafts.

 3-     Mooring and / or parking charges

an aircraft owner and / or operator is exempted from parking charges if the aircraft was parked less than three hours, the owner and / or operator shall be charged 25% of the landing fees calculated from the arrival time to the departure time for each 24 hours of parking or part thereof.

 4-     Night surcharges

A surcharge of (50) fifty USD is to be charged for night landing.

 5-     Fees for developing and improving the civil aviation services.

An additional fees for the developing and improving civil aviation services will be charged from aircraft owners  and / or operator based on the MTOW of aircraft as shown in the certificate of airworthiness and in accordance with the following table.

 Aircraft MTOW

Up to 5700 Kgs-----------------------------------------USD 2.00

Between5701-20.000Kgs------------------------------USD 7.00

Between 20.001-50.000 Kgs--------------------------USD23.00

Between 50.001-100.000 Kgs-------------------------USD38.00

Between 100.001-200.000 Kgs------------------------USD60.00

Between 200.001-300.000 Kgs------------------------USD90.00

From 300.001 and up-----------------------------------USD130.00

Article (8)

Exemption from the payment of fees and charges.

The following aircraft’s are exempted from fees and charges:

a)  United Nation or its special agencies and aircraft of Regional or International Organization.

b)  Aircraft engaged in search and rescue operations free of charge for human services.

c)  Aircrafts transporting official delegations.

d)  Government aircraft performing general services.

e)  National aircraft performing technical test for air navigation facilities and test flights for the aircraft or its equipment.

On condition that such flights must obtain approval from Chairman of Civil Aviation authority or his representative at I east 24 hours prior to departure.

f)  Emergency landing after take-off for technical reasons, meteorological conditions or upon instructions or demand from Civil Aviation .

g)  The chairman of Civil Aviation Authority may exempt any aircraft either wholly or partially of fees and charge upon recommendation from the manager of Yaser Arafat International Airport  .

Article (9)

The chairman of Civil Aviation reserves the right to implement these regulations.



Yaser Arafat International Airport


B - Available Fuel at Yaser Arafat International Airport

Types of available fuel for aircraft of Yaser Arafat International Airport are JET A1.

Fuel price is 18 U/S cents per liter

The address of Palestinian Petroleum Corporation is:

Yaser Arafat International Airport


Tel: 2134029

Fax: 2134019

E.MAIL: 9PCSC @ Painet.Com

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